Snow-doubt these pooches made a splash!

09 November 2016

TWO perfect pooch pack pals have earned a dog treat from their owners for drawing crowds and winning hearts. Northumbrian Water’s Snowdogs, Essie – or Essence of the North – and Patch – Patchwork Northumberland – are far fro...
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Say farewell to the Snowdogs at a new venue

09 November 2016

A special event giving fans one last chance to see the Great North Snowdogs is to be held next month and demand for tickets has been so high, we've announced a change of venue. The Farewell Weekend, from Friday 2 to Sunday 4...
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Snowdogs to bow (wow) out early

02 November 2016

The Great North Snowdogs are heading back to their kennels earlier than expected - to be restored to paw-fect condition before they go up for auction. The 61 individually decorated sculptures, which form the largest free pub...
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