Aero-Dog is inspired by the shape of the Snowdog sculpture. The front and back of the sculpture lend very well to the shape of an aeroplane. Aero-Dog hopes to amuse both children and adults equally and invites everyone on-board to enjoy the Snowdog trail. 

Furever home: A Gosforth garden with a local pilot and family.

Created by:
Deven Bhurke


The Bridges, Sunderland

Sponsored by:



AeroDog jetted off to his new home in Gosforth after being won at auction by local pilot, Gary Day. Gary and his
family were ‘onboard’ with the Snowdog trail and managed to see most of the dogs when they were out and about across the region.

Gary tells us more:

“As we live in Gosforth we’re very aware of the work that St Oswald’s does and we have supported them indifferent ways in the past. Great North Snowdogs was something different and it caught our imagination. Afterdoing most of the trail we decided we couldn’t not go along to the auction. 

“I had my eye on a few of the dogs but when AeroDog came out I knew he was the one I had to bid on. As I’m anairline pilot he was the perfect pooch for me and as St Oswald’s is such a good cause I was willing to outbid theothers interested in him. 

”Aerodog winged his way to Gary’s back garden where he will stay for years to come. Gary’s two daughters are bigfans of ‘Plog’ (short for Plane Dog) as he’s been renamed and they both love having their own Snowdog.

Gary ended:

“AeroDog is a real talking point, he now lives in the garden but peeks through the window as if he wants to be
inside. Unfortunately he’s too big to become a house pet though! 

“Great North Snowdogs was a fantastic event, it was very unique and I honestly believe that the Snowdogs are
iconic North East pieces of art. I’m extremely proud to own one.”

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A Wild in Art event delivered in partnership with St Oswald's Hospice Children’s Service. Proceeds from Great North Snowdogs will go towards supporting children with incurable conditions. 
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