Day of the Dog

'Day of the Dog' is a celebration of life! Inspired by the Day of the Dead festival held every Autumn across Mexico. This is a time of reflection, colour, joy and fiestas!

Furever home: A tour of the North East followed by retirement at her owners business, Signs Express Gateshead

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Sophie Green


The Bridges Shopping Centre

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Malcolm Lant from Wallsend was delighted after successfully bidding on the Day of the Dead festival inspired Snowdog – Day of the Dog. The dog reflects the colourful and joyous Mexican festival and Malcolm has been able to spread the joy since taking ownership of his Snowdog.

Malcolm said:

“I saw my first Great North Snowdog in South Shields and as soon as I learnt about the campaign I was impressed and intrigued. If I’d known about the trail earlier I would have definitely sponsored a dog.” I saw around twenty of the dogs on the trail and then the rest at the farewell event in Gateshead. By the time the auction came around I knew I wanted to buy one so me and my partner Leanne got our children to put ticks next to the ones they liked on the trail map. Leanne particularly loved Day of the Dog so we were both chuffed to bits that we got her.” Since taking delivery of Day of the Dog the family have shortened her name to Daysy. Malcolm decided that rather than keeping Daysy at home he wanted her to ‘em-bark’ on her own tour, to enable as many people as possible to see her and learn about St Oswald’s."

Malcolm explains:

“It was always my plan to take Daysy out on tour rather than keeping her at our home. She’s so beautiful and brings a lot of joy to people and I want her to continue to raise money for the Hospice. Her first stop was the Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle. The staff and children were delighted to have her there for a sleepover over the Christmas and New Year period. Some of the Newcastle United players even made time to have their photograph taken with her!

“Two of my children attend Jubilee Primary school in Wallsend so Daysy spent three weeks there. The children loved their special visitor and they were able to pay 20p to write a special note to Daysy. All the money that Daysy raises will be donated back to St Oswald’s.

“People seem very excited to know someone who owns a Snowdog and I’m getting calls inviting Daysy to spend time at different schools and community events on a regular basis. She’s a dog in demand! The more money she can raise for St Oswald’s, the better. I’ll keep moving her as long as people want her. Then when she retires, she’ll keep me company at my Signs Express workshop on Team valley, Gateshead.

"We don’t have the space to keep Daysy at home so I contacted her artist and she kindly agreed to paint a mini Snowdog, in the same design at Daysy for me so we have a mini version to keep at home. I’m so pleased with how popular Daysy is and I hope that she will continue to raise awareness and money for the Hospice.”

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