Fear of Emptiness

Plants are the inspiration for the artist, Louise Bradley; the way they grow, their uses (nutritional, medical, symbolic, artistic) and their colours, shapes and forms. Seed dispersal and germination is mightily efficient, and survival of the fittest gives us dandelions, nettles, thorns and thistles where we least want them. Empty places become populated by plants despite people’s attempts to clear urban and rural spaces. Territorial intruders and evolutionary trespassers, weeds, grow and thrive in the most unlikely of spaces. Louise's Snowdog has been overtaken by beautiful climbing plants and plant cells, winding around the body, neck and tail. Louise hopes to echo some of the colours of Autumnal seasonal plants in her final painted design.

Furever home: About to em-bark on a new life on the other side of the world!

Created by:
Louise Bradley


Stephenson Quarter

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Jeanette Kehoe-Perkinson from Darras Hall in Ponteland made a ‘fur of the moment’ decision to bid online on a Great North Snowdog. She wasn’t aware they were being auctioned off until the morning of the event…

Jeanette said:

“My Daughter, Sofie attends Darras Hall First School so that’s how I initially became aware of Great North Snowdogs. They designed Crystal, one of little dogs, which was located in Eldon Garden. After her schools involvement with the trail Sofie was very keen to see as many of the dogs as possible. We loved the paint your own Snowdogs and even hosted a paint your own party with Sofie’s friends. That went down very well and at that point we thought they were the closest we would get to owning our own Snowdog!

Jeanette continued:

"Finding out about the auction and the opportunity to purchase our own dog was very much by chance. I was at the doctors the morning of the auction and heard another patient, who happened to be a member of staff from St Oswald’s, talking about the event. My husband was unfortunately working that night so I was unable to go along so when I was told I could bid online I was thrilled."

Jeanette had no preference over which Snowdog she wanted but Fear of Emptiness caught her eye on the night. Jeanette tells us more:

“I knew I wanted a Snowdog but I didn’t know which one I wanted until I saw Fear of Emptiness. I loved his unusual design. As the whole thing was a total spur of the moment purchase I hadn’t discussed getting a Snowdog with my husband. Unfortunately a Snowdog isn’t like a pair of designer shoes that can be hidden away in my wardrobe so I had to explain we were getting a new member of the family to him. He couldn’t believe it but fortunately was fine with the idea!

"Loco, as we now call him, has settled in well into our conservatory and at Christmas time we even dressed him for the season, with a collar made from fairy lights! Our friends, families and neighbours all love him, they all want photos with him so he’s very popular.

"In the summer we are moving to New Zealand and Loco is coming with us to start his Auckland adventure! We are hoping to Tweet about his new home and what he’s up to so fans of the Great North Snowdogs can follow his progress. The Snowdogs raised a fantastic amount of money for St Oswald’s and was a brilliant event for the North East. I’m pleased I was able to support the Hospice and now own my own part of the trail. He will be a lovely reminder of our time living in Newcastle once we move to New Zealand.”

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