Charlotte's Snowdog design was inspired by mosaic art and the glass shard sculptures of Marta Klonowska, therefore Frostbite has been adorned with pieces of carefully broken glass. By using a rough and hard material to create the icy exterior of the dog, it can be preserved forever. Whilst still appearing delicate, glass is a beautiful material which has allowed Charlotte to create a sense of frozen wonder.

Furever home: Greeting visitors young and old to Mini Moos Farm Park, Durham

Created by:
Charlotte Mitchell


National Glass Centre

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Mini Moos Fun Park based in Durham specialise in rare breeds and rehomed animals so taking on a pack of Snowdogs was the pawfect addition to their farm! Malcom Dunn, Mini Moos owner was keen to rehome not just one, but four pooches including Frostbite, Patchwork, Hadrian’s Hound, Mutt me on the Corner.

Malcolm tells us more:

“I saw a few of the Snowdogs when they were out and about and both me and my daughter thought they were a fantastic idea. I was aware of St Oswald’s but since the trail I’m much more aware of what they do and the fact they are a very worthy cause. I was keen to get a couple of dogs for Mini Moos but got a bit carried away and ended up with four!


"I wasn’t able to attend the auction so bid over the telephone. Frostbite is my favourite out of them all as he’s so pretty but I bought them all for different reasons. I wanted a dog that was interesting with a bit of history so that’s why I went for Hadrian’s Hound and Mutt me on the Corner. I also thought that they would appeal more to my adult visitors. Patchwork is really bright and bold so the kids love him.”

All four of the dogs now live at Mini Moos, Patchwork welcomes everyone in at the entrance and the others live inside. Malcolm plans to move them around and integrate them with the other animals.

Malcolm continues:

“I decided to buy the dogs to support the Hospice but I also hope they will encourage people to visit Mini Moos. So far people have enjoyed seeing them. Quite a few families have commented that they did the trail so it’s nice to see the dogs again and others don’t know much about them so they are able to find out more about St Oswald’s. We are planning on holding a Snowdog day next year and get them involved with more activities and events.”

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