Shiny and snazzy like a new gadget or cutting edge technology, this doggy is clearly a Gizmo! Its contoured chrome surface turns this pup into a kind of funhouse mirror - a fun and funky design!

The artist behind this design has asked to remain anonymous. 

Furever home: Living a life of luxury beside their owner’s indoor pool

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Pier Parade

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Rob Armstrong from Medburn in Newcastle Upon Tyne now owns his own pack of Snowdogs! The very shiny and snazzy Gizmo caught the eye of Rob’s daughter, Brooke, 10 and she set her heart on the fun and funky pooch. As a massive fan of Newcastle United, Rob was keen to buy Newcastle, United, Inspired, and his third pawchase was chosen by his youngest daughter, Khloe, 6, who went dotty for Spottydog.

Rob explains:

"I’m involved in a lot of North East charities so when a member of staff from St Oswald’s told me about Great North Snowdogs and the auction I promised her I’d go along. I’ve supported the Hospice in one way or another for quite a few years now, as a close friend of mine died there. After seeing the care he received I’m always keen to provide support. I strongly feel that St Oswald’s did what very few charities manage to – they engaged with so many North East people and captured everyone’s imagination.

“On the night of the auction I promised my daughters they could buy one dog each. I told them there was no limit on how much they spent as St Oswald’s is such a good cause. The both looked through the auction guide and Brooke set her sights on Gizmo. Spottydog was a very popular pup and there were a lot of bids so Khloe had a great time putting her paddle up for him. The auctioneer even got her up on stage when she was bidding for him. She loved being up there and when she won she was chuffed to bits.

Rob has a newly built swimming pool in his home and he was looking for something quirky and timeless to display in the pool area and thought his trip of Snowdogs would be the pawfect addition.

Rob continued:

“I have three Snowdogs in my pool, Gizmo, Spottydog and Newcastle, United, Inspired. They are all beautiful piec-es of furniture and have fitted in so well. They are a great investment and will last forever and a day, I don’t think they will ever age and they are all so unique. As Gizmo is so shiny he looks great, he reflects the pool and his de-sign matches the room really well.

Rob continued:

“As I support so many charities I often buy things in auctions but then give them away. It was great to actually buy something we all wanted, and support St Oswald’s at the same time. The auction was great, we’d never been to the Sage before and that in itself was impressive. We sat at the very front and on arrival I had no clue how much I was going to spend. We were there to put some money into St Oswald’s and we definitely got what we went for, it was a very worthwhile night.”

Rob ended:

“When people come to the house and see the dogs for the first time they are amazed at the size of them, they all really love them and think they look great.”

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