Hound's Tooth

Hound's Tooth likes to lead, a dazzlingly dapper dog and trendsetter with his very own pattern and unique sense of style! “Chasing your tail gets you nowhere!”

He loves long walks, fine food and a good book. He’s a Capricorn.

Furever home: A special surprise Christmas gift for some excited youngsters 

Created by:
Damien Jeffery


Northumberland Street

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The very vibrant and eye catching Hound’s Tooth was won at the Snowdog auction by retired Grandad, Doug Rowe from Sunderland. Doug and his wife, Anne purchased the dog as a surprise Christmas present for their three grandchildren - Jasmine Jill, Joshua and Jack.

Doug explains:

“Before the Snowdog Trail we had heard of St Oswald’s but didn’t know much about their fantastic work. Our youngest grandchild, Jasmine Jill, aged 5, was the one who introduced us to the trail as she was well and truly obsessed. Jasmine Jill and her Mum were out and about all over the region visiting the dogs, one night just before bed she even made her mum drive up to the Angel of the North as she was so desperate to tick another dog off her list before she went to sleep!


"The first time Anne and I saw the Snowdogs was at the Farewell Event at Gateshead. We were absolutely amazed, it was so impressive seeing them all together. After being so impressed at the Farewell Event, Doug and Anne decided to buy tickets for the auction. They had no intention of bidding on any dogs but thought it was a good opportunity to see the pack all together again."

Doug continues:

“We didn’t plan to bid on any Snowdogs but when we saw Hounds Tooth I decided to go for it and we thankfully won! As soon as we won Hound’s Tooth we knew it would make a perfect Christmas present for the grandchildren and we couldn’t wait to see their faces on Christmas morning.”

On Christmas Eve, Doug and Anne hid Hound’s Tooth and ‘Santa Claus’ left a treasure hunt for the children to follow. Doug added:

"We will remember that Christmas morning forever, the children were so excited following the clues that Santa had left and when they eventually found him their faces were a picture. They couldn’t believe they had their very own Snowdog. We videoed it all and will treasure that for years to come.


“Joshua and Jack have lived with us since their mum sadly died seven years ago, and at that point Jasmine, Jill and her mum were also living with us, so Hounds Tooth has moved into a very busy house. Whenever the children get home from school they all make a beeline for him, they’ve given him a nickname, St Nick after Santa Claus.


“St Nick is still downstairs but we hope to move him onto our balcony landing, there is an alcove the perfect size for him. I just need some strong people to help me lift him up there. “The Snowdog Trail was so well known and fantastic for the region as a whole and St Oswald’s. When friends and family visit and see the dog they are absolutely amazed, the response we’ve had is unbelievable and people can’t believe we own one. Hound’s Tooth certainly made our Christmas and he is very much loved, he’s definitely found his forever home!”

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