Patchwork Northumberland

The Patchwork Northumberland design is intended as a showcase of the key landmarks and tourist attractions of Northumberland and also as a demonstration of the illustration techniques the artist uses on a daily basis. 

Furever home: In the kitchen of a family home in Gateshead


Created by:
Daniel J. Weatheritt


Tower Knowe, Kielder

Sponsored by:



Debbie and Adrian Barton from Gateshead were thrilled to take home Patchwork Northumberland after being attracted to the locally themed Snowdogs. Patchwork Northumberland showcases the key landmarks and tourist attractions of Northumberland so he was the perfect pooch for them.

Debbie said:

“We didn’t do the Great North Snowdog trail as such but always took an interest in the ones we passed. My dad passed away in St Oswald’s Hospice eight years ago, although it was very sad he couldn’t have wished for a nicer place to spend his last couple of weeks and I will always be grateful for that. We’ve supported St Oswald’s since then in different ways, our eldest daughter Emily did the Great North Run last year and raised money for the charity. Coincidentally it was when I dropped her sponsorship money off that I became aware of the Snowdogs and the that fact that they were a Hospice campaign." 

After finding out more about Great North Snowdogs Debbie and her family decided to go along to see all of the dogs at the Farewell Event at Gateshead Stadium. Debbie continued:

“We went to view all of the Snowdogs when they were displayed at Gateshead Stadium and decided to go to the auction taking the view ‘well see what happens’. There were so many dogs that both me and Adrian loved but the ones with a local theme appealed to us. We did bid for Guide Dog but he went up and up and up so we were delighted to bid for and win Patch, as we now call him."

Patch now lives in Debbie and Adrian's kitchen/diner and he cant be missed. Debbie finished:

“Patch has been a bit of a talking point, most of the reactions have been “oh my goodness! I can’t believe you bought a Snowdog, he’s huge! But lovely.” And of course we can’t help but talk about the reason we bought him, which can only be a good thing to raise awareness of both the adult and children’s hospice. It’s been pleasure to be involved in Great North Snowdogs, and we will carry on supporting St Oswald’s in any way we can. Patch is a lovely reminder of the fantastic care the Hospice provide.”

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