Pink is the new Black

Like his branding, Artist Lee Stafford has gone all pink for his Snowdog design, demonstrating that Pink is the new Black.

Furever home: At the heart of a family home in the North East. 

Created by:
Lee Stafford


Quorum Business Park



Pink is the New Black is one of the ‘celebrity Snowdogs’ as he was designed by multi award winning hairdressers Lee Stafford. Pink is the new Black is all pink replicating the branding of Lee Stafford’s haircare range. Catherine, from the North East, was tickled pink when she became his new owner.

Catherine said:

“The trail was an amazing way to get to know our city and surrounds, visiting places we would never have visited, but will definitely go to again. It felt like we were having a mini city break each weekend. We discovered parts of Sunderland are like York or Stratford upon Avon and Northumberland Park in North Shields is a great place for a picnic, even in the rain!

Catherine continued:

“We really loved Great North Snowdogs and everything it had to offer. I also have an emotional response to the Snowman and The Snowdog film as it was released just after my own Claremont Black (my black dog from Claremont Road dog’s home) passed away. We also liked the fact that the trail was all for a really good cause. As we didn’t originally plan on buying a Snowdog we’d bought plenty of other memorabilia. Then my husband started warming to the idea so we decided to put it to the family vote: would we rather have a snowdog or holidays for the next few years. The vote was unanimous!"

After earmarking an ideal spot in the garden for Pink is the New Black Catherine’s husband now won’t let him out of their lounge.

Catherine added:

“With hindsight if I’d known we were going to keep our dog indoors we might have tried to colour co-ordinate our canine companion, as the lounge currently isn’t neon pink! Pink is the New Black now gets called “Pinker” for short but keeps his full pedigree title."

Catherine explains the re-action of friends and family when they visit:

“My friends and family obeyed all the signs during the Snowdog Trail so now they want to finally break the rules and climb on him, especially the ‘grown ups’! Our real dog accepted him immediately and the cats don’t seem to mind him either.”

Catherine is a University Lecturer in Animal Science and conducts research into animal welfare, including puppy farming and investigating where dogs are acquired and how this affects their behavior as pets.

Catherine ended:

“As a family, we did do a lot of research into getting Pinker (visited 63 dogs and infinite puppies across the Great North Snowdog Trail), and we know that St Oswald’s gave him a great start in life, so he has no behavioural problems, doesn’t jump up at visitors and is completely housetrained! So, if anyone is considering getting the real thing, please do your research to make sure your future companion has the best start in life and don’t perpetuate irresponsible breeders. Adopted older dogs make great companions as our academic research shows, as does our personal experience of adopting Pinker.”

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