Rosa Canina

Rosa Canina is the botanical name for the Dog Rose. The sculpture has a vintage/retro feel to it. It is painted with a mottled, aged, soft turquoise looking background with beautifully painted botanical style ilustrations of dog roses painted all over. 

Furever home: Enjoying the beautiful garden of her new home in Whickham

Created by:
Sue Guthrie


Blackett Street, Newcastle

Sponsored by:



John Wigan, from Whickham, first found out about Great North Snowdogs after visiting the St Oswald’s Restyled Shop in Eldon Garden. The shop was home to one of Splodge, a Snowdog that wasn’t part of the trail but after seeing him John decided a Snowdog would be a pawfect addition to his garden.

John tells us more:

“After seeing the Snowdog in the Restyled shop I quickly became involved in St Oswald’s in several different ways. I own a building company (Cameron Builders) so we built the timber bases for the Puggy Banks and we built the frame for the Children’s Service pop bottle greenhouse. My secretary, Alison, has also dropped off hundreds of pop bottles that we’ve collected.”

John didn’t attend the auction but asked Alison to bid online for him. As long as he got a Snowdog he wasn’t too bothered which one he won, so everything was looking rosy for him when they won the very beautiful Rosa Canina. John continued:

“Rosa, as we now call her, lives in our back garden. She’s absolutely beautiful and fits in so well. I can see her from the house when I look out my patio doors and she brings a smile to my face. My grandchildren are big fans of her and everyone loves her. I have photographs of Rosa on my mobile phone and when I show them to people everyone always thinks she looks wonderful.”

John’s support for St Oswald’s hasn’t ended with just becoming a Snowdog owner. He intends to continue supporting the charity for years to come.

John ended:

“Since winning Rosa I’ve been to St Oswald’s for a tour. They do a fantastic job and it really is a fabulous place. The Hospice is a great cause and I’ll continue to help out in any way I can.”

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