Shaggy Dog Stories

Artist Chris works in a very spontaneous way and likes to be inspired on the day, so when he saw the dog, it triggered his love of dog stories and Chris's Snowdog design was born. 

Furever home: Basking in a beautiful Durham garden

Created by:
Chris Riddell


Richardson Dees Park



Shaggy Dog Story certainly hasn’t disappointed in the way his namesake sometimes can - his new owners, Caron and Rob Wilkinson, from Durham, couldn’t be happier with him and now have their own Snowdog story to tell.

Caron said:

“We didn’t do the Great North Snowdog trail although we had intended to and heard about it from friends. We managed to see a couple of dogs in Newcastle but that was all. As we were disappointed we didn’t get round to doing the trail we wanted to go along to the auction to see the dogs there.”

Caron and Rob had discussed potentially buying their own Snowdog but didn’t know for definite if they would or who they would bid on.

Caron continued:

“Once the bidding started we began to think we would like our own dog and we liked the fact that the money paid would benefit St Oswald’s. We ended up bidding on a few dogs but didn’t win. Eventually Shaggy Dog Story came up so we bid and won! We were delighted and having now seen all the dogs actually felt that he was our favourite. Having said that all the dogs were fabulous but we felt very fortunate to have won such a super dog.”

Caron and Rob have shortened their pooches name to Shaggy and he is now very settled in their garden in Durham. He is not only bringing pleasure to his new owners, but also local children.

Caron added:

“Everybody loves Shaggy. At Christmas time local children came to visit him and he gave them each a present, which the children really enjoyed. He gives us all a lot of pleasure and I can’t help but smile every time I look at him.”

Shaggy is enjoying life in Caron’s back garden but they soon hope he can go on short term loan to Seven Stories, the National Centre for Children’s Books.

Caron ended:

“We hope that Seven Stories are soon able to borrow Shaggy. We would love more children and families to see him in such a special setting.”

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