Snowdog Down the Rabbit Hole

This design is inspired by the works of Lewis Carroll; Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. The original works celebrated it's 150th anniversary last year and has a number of links to the North East. Carroll's sisters lived in the Southwick area of Sunderland, his cousins being from Whitburn. Could this town have provided inspiration for the Walrus and Carpenter after a stroll along the beach? Historians also suggest the real Alice, Alice Liddell's ancestor's heraldic shield reside at Hylton Castle perhaps a source of inspiration for the chess moves? Links can even be drawn to the grinning Cheshire cat from the church in Darlington where the rector was non other than Carroll's father. The iconography of Carroll's works are great fantasy and with such strong links to Sunderland and the North East what better place to take a trip down the rabbit hole in the search for these Snowdogs?

Furever home: A future family heirloom for a family from Morpeth

Created by:
Heather Louise Penten


Park Lane, Sunderland

Sponsored by:



Barbara Henderson from Morpeth purchased the Alice in Wonderland inspired Snowdog Down the Rabbit Hole as a way of giving back to a local children’s charity after her granddaughter was unwell when she was first born.

Barbara said:

“I’d seen the odd Snowdog dotted around the North East but didn’t take part in the trail. It wasn’t until I read in a local newspaper that that they were going to be auctioned off that I considered buying one. When one of my granddaughters was born she was really poorly so since then I’ve been keen to support a children’s charity as a way of giving something back. When I bought tickets for me and my husband to attend the auction I had three different dogs in mind but was open minded. I thoroughly enjoyed the entire evening and it was topped off by winning Snowdog Down the Rabbit Hole. The whole event was brilliant and based on a wonderful idea. It’s a good job I haven’t got pots of money as I would have got carried away and ended up with loads due to the fantastic atmosphere on the night.”

Snowdog Down the Rabbit Hole has fitted in well to Barbara’s home and compliments a lot of her other ‘quirky’ homewares.

Barbara added:

“Snowdog Down the Rabbit Hole takes pride of place in my living room, he fits in well as I have quite a few other odd things in the room. I intend to pass him on to my grandchildren and I’d love them to take him to Antiques Roadshow one day! I have three dogs and when I first told friends that I’d bought a Snowdog they asked what kind of dog that was as they thought he was another pet! He’s a real talking point when people visit. I wanted to keep him inside the house to keep him in as best condition as possible.”

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