Wonderhound is inspired by the imaginations of fantasy writers everywhere, from Louis Carroll's Wonderland to C S Lewis's Narnia. Wonderhound evokes a place where everything and anything is possible, even a city populated by Giant Snowdogs.

Furever home: enjoying life in Cumbria with his very own posh kennel!

Created by:
Illona Clark


Stadium of Light

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Karen Kelso from Newcastle, but now living in Cumbria, bought Wonderhound as something to remember her ‘dog mad’ friend by after she sadly died unexpectedly. From the moment Karen first heard about the Great North Snowdog trail she fell in love and knew owning one would be a fitting tribute.

Karen said:

“The first I knew of the Snowdogs was when my Newcastle based friends were posting photographs of them on social media. I absolutely loved them. We live in Cumbria and came to Newcastle for a family occasion and I discovered two of them on my travels. I would have loved to do the trail, but I'm an Assistant Headteacher so work all week and we live too far away so didn't have the time available to do it. My husband booked tickets for the Farewell Event at Gateshead so I was delighted to get to see all of the Snowdogs there. By this point I knew I had to have one so I went round and rated them all. That’s when I first saw and fell in love with Wonderhound! I loved his colours and design, the detail on him is just stunning.”

Due to work Karen was unable to attend the auction so bid online. Karen continued:

“I decided to bid in the auction and still can't believe I won. Wonderhound was by far my favourite dog but he was lot number 37 so I didn’t know whether to risk holding out for him. Thankfully he was worth the wait and I was thrilled to win him. Bidding online was a stressful experience but he came in on my exact price so it was obviously meant to be. My friend sadly died unexpectedly and left me some inheritance. I’d already decided to use some of it to support a children’s charity so Wonderhound was the perfect way to remember my friend. She was dog mad and would have loved the trail so I felt he was very appropriate.”

Wonderhound is now living in Karen’s home, he was originally outside but they decided to bring him in to avoid weather damage. He’s soon to be a very pampered pooch as he will be moving into his very own purpose built orangery.

Karen continued:

“We are currently having an orangery built to house Wonderhound so he will have a very expensive kennel! We’re looking forward to the summer as we’ll be opening our garden to St Bees Villagers and Wonderhound will be on display. This is an annual event where we open our gardens to the public to raise money for our Village In Bloom and I’m sure people will be keen to meet our Snowdog. I’m thrilled to own Wonderhound, he’s a very unusual work or art and so unique.”

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