Mr Rufferty

Dunn Street Primary School is proud to be associated with St Oswald’s Great North Snowdogs and we would like to thank Nexus for sponsoring our dog Mr Rufferty. 


We held a design competition in school and many of the children’s designs featured our school prayer which states ‘As many hands build a house  so many hearts make a school’ hence the numerous hearts and hands featured in our design.


The mosaic pattern on Mr Rufferty’s back is a stained glass window design that pays tribute to the Venerable Bede who is synonymous with Jarrow. The Viking helmet is a nod to Jarrow’s Viking heritage.


This Snowdog has been sponsored by Nexus


Access to Mr Rufferty Dog:

Please note; this Snowdog can only be accessed during the opening times of the Sage Gateshead. The opening times are as follows: 9am-the end of the last concert (usually 10pm), 7 days a week. 


Created by:
Dunn Street Primary School

Sage Gateshead




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