NFA’s dog ‘Foster’ was imagined, designed and created by children. On one side we have a quote from one of our children. The quotes reads “my favourite film is Toy Story because the toys never give up on Andy and Andy never gives up on the toys.” This is how the child went on to describe their foster carer, they stated “my foster carer never gives up on me, just like Toy Story.” We felt that was such an emotive and personal thing to show that not only shows how the child is feeling, but also shows what a fantastic job our carers do.

On the other side the children decided to cover the dog with hand prints. This is to show how at NFA, we are all a one joint up family, including everyone from children, to carers, to staff.

Access to Foster Dog:

Please note; this Snowdog can only be accessed during the opening times of Tesco Extra, Trinity Square. The opening times are as follows: 24 hours a day Monday- Saturday, and 10am-4pm on Sunday.

Created by:
National Fostering Agency

Tesco Extra: Trinity Square, Gateshead




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